EREĞLİ BORU PROFİL™️ serves in the pipe-profile sector with its wide product range.
We carry out our production process in our factory in Karadeniz Ereğli with our experienced team by following the principle of reasonable price and superior quality together with fast and reliable delivery.

In addition to standard pipes and profiles, our greenhouse construction and greenhouse heating system pipes, which we produce with our long years of experience, are tested in terms of compliance with international standards and are produced for the highest customer satisfaction. We produce galvanized pipes and profiles in all diameters, especially all steel profiles used in greenhouse construction with appropriate coating. You can find all the product range of greenhouse profiles and parts in our company such as U, L and I clips, connection equipment, special section pipes and profiles, gutters, and all the pipes and profiles to be used in greenhouse construction.

Galvanized sheets, pipes, and profiles coated with zinc by hot-dip method to create a protection against corrosion and indoor humidity are produced in our factories with EN 10219, S235 JRH production standards in a wide production range. We are proud to serve both domestically and abroad with an understanding of quality products.

Visit our website to get more information about our products and to view the wide product range of EREĞLİ BORU PROFİL™.

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