GENFOG™ offers modern greenhouse irrigation and fertilization systems, as well as high pressure fogging systems and gutter solutions. High technology systems that your greenhouse needs in many areas such as air conditioning, fertilization and irrigation are designed and installed by our expert teams.

The most efficient climate conditions are created in your greenhouse by combining air conditioning and irrigation solutions suitable for the needs of your greenhouse with globally-known automation systems. An efficient harmony between all climatic factors is guaranteed with air-conditioning automation. Intelligent control software and sensitive sensors make it possible for all your air conditioning processes, such as heating, shading, ventilation and lighting, to work together seamlessly. However, strict management of the quality and quantity of water ensures controlled and efficient production.

Good fertilization and feeding can only be achieved through an excellent irrigation system. It is important that the fertilizer and nutrients are mixed correctly in the right proportions and added to the water at the right time. Our irrigation systems developed by GENFOG™ engineers can be used with different irrigation methods required for different plants. Everything from the storage of water to the filtration process is delivered to our investor by considering every detail within our irrigation systems, and then technical support is provided by our expert teams.

One of the factors that affect plant growth in the greenhouse the most is air circulation. GENFAN™ Circulation Fans are designed to provide high efficiency with less effort with its unique features such as low energy consumption and different power options for different kinds of greenhouses. Our high-pressure fogging systems with integrated disinfectant tanks, which are the first in the world, work smoothly with all major automation systems. Plant growing gutter systems and all the required equipment for the growing and harvesting are produced in GENFOG™ factories with high technology infrastructure.

By always keeping in close contact with growers and suppliers, we are constantly developing new solutions as a response to changing needs. We offer many solutions from plant hanger systems to growing systems in order to provide the most suitable environment for your plants in your greenhouses.

Do not forget to visit our website for greenhouse circulation fans, high-pressure fogging, air conditioning and growing systems that we designed by the inspiration we get from nature, which will make your plants feel at home.

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