GENSEED™ works in the field of seed breeding and production with its high-tech greenhouses and competent personnel. We carry out our healthy, natural and sustainable seed development activities with the guidance of modern science in our R&D greenhouses that we established in Antalya, the modern agriculture capital of Turkey.

We cultivate seeds both with soil and soilless agriculture and continue developing our seed breeding works in our greenhouses established on an area of 38.000 m2. We also continuously improve the services we provide in the greenhouse sector in a way that we can maximize customer satisfaction by using our own greenhouses.

We aim to enrich the value of agriculture in the field of domestic seed production by using both traditional methods and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology. As a Turkish company in a sector where the dependency on abroad is high, we are working to develop seeds that can provide the highest yield under many different conditions from harsh weather conditions to diseases. We develop high-yielding seeds at internationally accepted standards in our producer-oriented and consumer-oriented seed R&D facilities by keeping the fact that seeds are the key to preventing many situations that reduce the potential yield, such as changing climatic conditions and plant diseases in mind.

Please contact us for detailed information about our seed breeding and production activities we proceed in the guidance of modern technology with the hope of a greener future.

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