GREENCON™️ offers turnkey greenhouse projects to its investors. It manages and completes the entire process with its expert team from the preparation of the land to the planting of the first seedling.

GREENCON™ takes its power from years of experience, high technology infrastructure and the most competent and expert engineers in the industry. It carries out every stage of the project with the utmost care and attention in a way that fully meets the expectations of the investor.

In addition to being the authorized dealer of all major automation systems in the world, GREENCON™ has certified technical support specialists in its staff.

Producing trouble-free greenhouses for all climates of the world requires the right planning, analysis and the right strategy. Our facilities have been developed for easy and fast installation of your greenhouses. Our experienced engineer staff is one of our main advantages. With the awareness of air-heat-light-humidity balance required for agriculture is possible with air conditioning control, we undertake high-tech greenhouse projects with our entire team and equipment, and strive to be a real technology partner for our investors.

All products required for construction are produced in our factories under the supervision of our experts. Our greenhouses are resistant to even the most difficult climatic conditions due to the calculations of the steel construction which are created with SAP2000 and comply with TS EN 13031-1 standards.

GREENCON™ ensures that investors get the highest yield from greenhouses with its expert staff. From the installation of the greenhouse to its delivery, our expert supervisors take their place in the field, follow the process closely and work for perfect results. GREENCON™ carries out its work in full harmony with our other brands so that the process can proceed flawlessly.

Please visit our website for detailed information about the environmentally friendly agriculture understanding of GREENCON Greenhouse Systems and greenhouse solutions we offer for the needs of our investors.

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