We Are Inspired By Nature

We Are Inspired By Nature

We trust in nature's billions of years of experience

Despite the technology that develops rapidly each day, access to fresh food is still among the biggest problems in today’s world. Since the production of fresh and nutritious products requires great effort, time, and investment with traditional farming methods, many of these limited resources are slipping out of our hands during the long and difficult process. Being able to produce by traditional methods mostly depends on the suitability of geographical conditions. For example, soil fertility can be one of the most restrictive reasons for growing nutrient-dense foods. In soilless agriculture greenhouses, this factor can be controlled almost completely. Among the different techniques used, the most popular and perhaps the most effective is feeding your crops with water, not soil. While providing the desired nutritional values ​​becomes much easier with the controlled environment provided by soilless agriculture, the growth rate of the plant increases in this way. With GENFOG Greenhouse Technologies, we aim to produce products with high nutritional value in shorter times and ensure that more people reach fresh foods.


In traditional agriculture, the cultivation of products relies on conditions of nature. Many variables, from extreme weather conditions such as high temperature, sun, wind, flood, to plant diseases and pests, can cause great damage in production. Many resources can be wasted, from the labor of the growers to the land, the water used, and the time given. In order to minimize the effects of these factors and to get the return of investments with the highest efficiency, greenhouse production provides great advantages to the grower. At GENFOG, everything is considered from the humidity and temperature of your greenhouse so the plants can grow without any damage. We are working to ensure that the plants get enough oxygen with the air circulation provided by GENFAN Circulation Fans and that the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse are optimized with GENFOG Fogging Systems and GENCOOLING Cooling Systems according to the needs of the product. The use of multi-level growing systems, which is one of the biggest advantages of soilless agricultural greenhouses, also allows us to get the maximum benefit from the area we have. By getting more products from much smaller areas, we are now able to set aside the disadvantages of the field with the tailor-made growing solutions offered by GENTECH Gutter Systems. We work with inspiration from nature. Because we know the value of labor, we believe that every grower should get the return of their labor.

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