Our Companies

Modern Greenhouse Systems

GREENCON™️ offers turnkey greenhouse projects to its investors.
It manages and completes the entire process with its expert team from the preparation of the land to the planting of the first seedling.

Irrigation, Air Conditioning and Plant Growing Systems

GENFOG™️ offers modern greenhouse irrigation and fertilization systems as well as fogging and gutter solutions.
High-tech systems that your greenhouse needs in many areas such as air conditioning, fertilization, irrigation are designed and installed by our expert teams.

Seed Breeding & Production

GENSEED™️ works in the field of seed breeding and production with its high-tech greenhouses and competent staff.
We carry out our healthy, natural and sustainable seed development activities with the guidance of modern science in our R&D greenhouses that we established in Antalya, the modern agriculture capital of Turkey.

Our investments

GENGROUP preferred by MOPAŞ

A contract was signed between Mr. Reşat NARMAN, General Manager of Mopaş Marketcilik ve Gıda A.Ş. and Mr. Gökhan GÖSTERİŞLİ, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GENGROUP Agricultural Investments A.Ş. for a 65,000 square meter geothermally heated modern greenhouse in Salihli, Manisa for MOPAŞ, which produces its own grocery products.

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Our solution partners

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