Prevention Of Waste

Prevention Of Waste

Climate change and the water crisis are getting bigger!

Among the issues that should be one of our priorities as humanity is the use of water. The clean water resources in the world are decreasing day by day. Many sources such as experts, activists, and non-governmental organizations underline that everyone should take responsibility in this regard. Environmentally-conscious countries are taking steps to renew their water policies, and world-brand companies are taking steps to save water from their production processes to the materials they use.

Photos 1984-2020 Burdur Lake – Acıgöl Region / TURKEY

(Source: Google Global Imaging Systems)

Water usage in agriculture has been managed with carelessness and lack of control for many years. This resulted in water being polluted or wasted, which is now one of our most limited and valuable resources. Contrary to the wild irrigation methods that must come to an end, we use every drop of water in the most efficient way in our soilless agricultural greenhouses with the awareness of water’s value. We can irrigate the plants in appropriate amounts and methods with our Pride Irrigation System developed by our expert engineers and the automation software we use in the greenhouse. We use much less water than traditional farming methods, in which excess water is absorbed by the soil and does not provide any benefit to the plant. We also store the wastewater by processing it with high-tech filtering systems and regain it into circulation. We value water, we are aware of its importance.

Please contact us for detailed information about PRIDE Irrigation Systems to help you save water in your greenhouse with its unique design.

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